Safety Vibration Cut-Out Tester

One of TestWorks’ customers manufacture vibration switch units for use on industrial machinery, whereby the unit will provide a safety cut-out if vibration exceeds a preset limit. TestWorks were asked to develop and supply an automated solution to provide a complete functional test, plus earth bond and insulation tests. The Unit Under Test (UUT), housed in a die-cast box, is inserted into a fixture on top of the system and the lid closed, operating safety interlocks. Test probes mounted in the fixture lid access terminal blocks in the UUT, with solenoids, also mounted in the fixture lid, operating and resetting a lever to ensure correct operation. The customer had previously made use of a manually-operated electrical safety compliance (hipot) analyser, so TestWorks wrote a driver and fully automated its operation in NI LabVIEW. Custom PCBs were developed for high voltage switching, and with easy access for maintenance and replacement if necessary.

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