Automated Videoconferencing Unit Testing

TestWorks Group was engaged by a major OEM to provide an automated solution for testing a videoconferencing product. The unit-under-test (UUT) comprises an assembly which includes a camera, microphones, speakers and infrared receiver, with interfaces including HDMI, Audio, USB, RJ45/Ethernet and power.

Due to the demanding requirements, testing had to take place inside an anechoic chamber, with the chamber constructed to provide in excess of 35 dB isolation and to minimise Total Harmonic Distortion. In addition to verifying full functionality, the UUT also had to be tested for correct assembly, as any loose panels or components would affect the acoustic performance. As the solution was required to test a variety of product types, product-specific pallets were designed to accommodate each UUT and to allow connections to be made before testing, with all interface connections wired to a block on the pallet. This block in turn connects to a test probe block within the chamber. Transducers on an X/Y/Z gantry within the chamber were designed to be automatically placed in any location within a defined area for UUT testing; these include a microphone, speaker driver and IR transmitter.

UUTs are fed into the enclosure via an Input Conveyor and, after testing, passed out the opposite side using an Output Conveyor.

The system was successfully commissioned on-site in China and has significantly improved test consistency and saved operator time. A second system has since been ordered.

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