Interlocked ‘Glove Box’ Safety Enclosures

TestWorks Group have recently developed and supplied a number of safety-interlocked ‘glove boxes’ and test enclosures. A customer approached us with a requirement to safely handle their units-under-test (UUTs) whilst being powered by mains voltages. For higher volume products, dedicated interlocked fixtures are used, which, for example, incorporate entry points in specific positions to allow potentiometers or switches to be adjusted, but for other UUTs where the cost of dedicated fixtures couldn’t be justified, a general purpose enclosure was developed which incorporates a pair of Class 1 electrical safety gloves, so that the operator can safely handle and adjust a range of UUTs whilst under test. The glove box enclosure also incorporates two operator-safe ‘L’ shaped cable entry ports at the rear, and a range of interlock-controlled sockets to allow the connection of external instruments. We have also manufactured larger interlocked enclosures, currently up to 2m x 1.5m x 1m in size.

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